Head of State

H.E Ratu Wiliame Maivalili Katonivere

The President

The President is the Head of State, and the executive authority of the state is vested in the President of the Republic of Fiji. The President shall perform the ceremonial functions and responsibilities as the Commander-in Chief of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces. The President shall open each annual session of Parliament with an address outlining the policies and programmes of the Government.

Appointment of the President
The President shall be appointed by Parliament.

Whenever a vacancy arises in the Office of the President, the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition shall nominate one name each to the Speaker who shall put both the names to the floor of Parliament for voting by the members of the Parliament.

The person who receives the support of the majority of the members of Parliament present shall be appointed as the President, and the Speaker shall publicly announce the name.

If the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition nominate the same person, then no voting shall take place and the Speaker shall publicly announce that person as being appointed as President by Parliament.

Terms of Office
The President holds office for three [3] years, and is eligible for re-appointment for one [1] further term of three years, but is not eligible for re-appointment after that.

The President may resign from office by delivering a written notice of resignation to the Prime Minister who shall table the notice in Parliament.

Head of Government

The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister is the Head of Government

Appointment of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister must be a Member of Parliament.

After a General Election, the member elected to Parliament who is the leader of one political party which has won more than 50% of the total number of seats in Parliament assumes office as the Prime Minister by taking before the President the oath or affirmation of allegiance and office.

Hon. Sitiveni Ligamamada Rabuka

Terms of Office

The Prime Minister shall serve the full term of Parliament which is four [4] years, unless dismissed in a motion of no confidence.


A vacancy arises if the Prime Minister:–

  • Resigns, by written notice to the President;
  • Ceases to be, or ceases to qualify to be, a member of Parliament; or
  • Dies.