Fiji Airways Additional Flights Schedule – Sunday, 22 March 2020

Following the earlier announcement on the suspension of relevant international flights, and based on requests received to allow guests and foreign nationals to return to their homes and original destinations, Fiji Airways has made additional flights available to cater for this demand as shown below.

Bookings can be made on the Fiji Airways website – or for one of the below flights only, on Reservations phone numbers 3304388 or 6720888, or 9103603.

  From/To Flight Number Departure Date Departure Time (local)
1.   Nadi-Auckland FJ411 Sunday 22nd March 8.30am
2.   Nadi-Sydney FJ911 Sunday 22nd March 9.00am
3.   Nadi-Auckland FJ1415 Sunday 22nd March 9.30am
4.   Nadi-Sydney FJ1917 Sunday 22nd March 11.59am
5.   Sydney-Nadi FJ910 Sunday 22nd March 1:55pm
6.   Auckland-Nadi FJ410 Sunday 22nd March 2.00pm
7.   Auckland- Nadi FJ1414 Sunday 22nd March 2.40pm
8.   Sydney-Nadi FJ1916 Sunday 22nd March 5.05pm
9.   Nadi-Honolulu FJ820 Sunday 22nd March 5.10pm
10.   Singapore-Nadi FJ360 Sunday 22nd March 8.55pm
11.   Nadi-Los Angeles FJ810 Sunday 22nd March 9.40pm
12.   Los Angeles-Nadi FJ811 Sunday 22nd March 11.00pm
13.   Honolulu-Nadi FJ821 Monday 23rd March 2.55am
14.   Nadi-Los Angeles FJ1813 Monday 23rd March 7.00am
15.   Nadi-Sydney FJ1911 Monday 23rd March 9.00am
16.   Nadi-Singapore FJ361 Monday 23rd March 11.50am
17.   Sydney-Nadi FJ1910 Monday 23rd March 1.50pm
18.   Nadi-Los Angeles FJ1810 Monday 23rd March 9.40pm
19.   Los Angeles-Nadi FJ811 Monday 23rd March 11.00pm