Fijian Ambassador Pays Courtesy Call on Japanese Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs

On Friday, 5 August 2022, Ambassador-Designate Filimone Waqabaca paid a courtesy call on Japanese Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hon. Takeo Mori in Tokyo. The Ambassador’s visit was to present a copy of his Credentials as the Republic of Fiji’s new Ambassador to Japan.

Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca with Vice-Minister Mori

The Hon. Vice-Minister Mori welcomed Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca to Japan and stressed on how important the Japan-Fiji relationship has been. Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca expressed his appreciation to the Hon. Mori for the Government of Japan’s support and assistance towards Fiji particularly in the areas of (i) COVID-19 Recovery and Response, (ii) Sustainable Oceans Based on the Rule of Law, (iii) Climate Change and Disaster Resilience, (iv) Strengthening Foundation for Sustainable and resilient Economic Development, and (v) People-to-people Exchanges and Human Resource Development.

Adding on, Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca thanked the Government of Japan for their enormous support and contributions toward Fiji’s social and economic stability that had been negatively affected by COVID-19. The financial support provided, assisted the Fijian Government to implement economic, fiscal and health countermeasures and improve public financial management, policy-making function and business/investment climate.

Furthermore, Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca conveyed sincerest condolences on behalf of the Fijian Government and the people of Fiji, on the untimely demise of former Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellency, Mr Shinzo Abe on 8th July 2022.

In response, Vice-Minister Mori thanked Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca for the opportunity to meet and discuss opportunities for collaboration in areas of mutual interest. He further stressed on Japan’s Indo-Pacific Strategy and the Rule of Law and emphasized on how proactively Japan promotes the importance of maritime order in the Indo-Pacific region.

In closing, Ambassador-Designate Waqabaca thanked Vice-Minister Mori for receiving him and for the opportunity to be engaged in a frank discussion on key areas of importance to both parties.


PM Bainimarama Discusses Fiji-Japan Cooperation with Japanese Counterpart

Fiji is firmly committed to advancing shared aspirations with Japan for global and regional peace, development, and prosperity. This was expressed by Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama during a bilateral meeting with his Japanese counterpart, Honourable Kishida Fumio, on the margins of the 10th Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in New York today (2/08/22). Prime Minister Bainimarama conveyed sincerest condolences on behalf of the Fijian Government and the people of Fiji, on the untimely demise of former Prime Minister of Japan, His Excellency, Mr Shinzo Abe on 8th July 2022. He said there are no words to describe the loss we feel as a family in the wake of this dissolute act, adding that Fiji joins the people of Japan in honouring the life of an esteemed statesman and visionary leader whose dedication to public life spanned political generations. Discussions at the meeting were also centered on nuclear disarmament. Prime Minister Bainimarama informed his counterpart that Fiji has taken a proactive step by signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in September 2017 and in a further demonstration of our sincere commitment, the Fijian Parliament ratified the Treaty in May 2020. While delving into our bilateral relations, Prime Minister Bainimarama said that Fiji and Japan’s strong ties had further solidified following the visit by Japan’s Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Yoshimasa Hayashi to Fiji in May earlier this year. The Prime Minister commended Japan for its continuous support to Fiji’s national development priorities and partnership, which has extended to important areas including climate change, disaster risk management, and COVID-19 response efforts. The Head of the Fijian Government also highlighted that Fiji will continue to work closely with Japan and multilateral financial institutions to seek out much-needed access to development finance and concessional funding to stimulate our economic revitalization. Potential opportunities for increased collaboration in the areas of development and partnerships and the significance of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Strategy and Japan’s engagement with the Pacific were also discussed at the meeting. Prime Minister Bainimarama, at the same time, acknowledged the Japanese Government for its continued commitment to the Japan-Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM-9) and to enhancing relations with Pacific Island countries through more dialogue, collaboration, and engagement in the Pacific for further development and economic prosperity. Fiji looks forward to the next PALM meeting to renew and strengthen our partnership. While commenting on the Russia-Ukraine war, Prime Minister Bainimarama said that multilateralism is key and we can only hope that good sense will prevail and that the parties resolve this crisis without any further loss of innocent lives. At the meeting, Prime Minister Bainimarama also raised serious concerns about the potential discharge of nuclear contaminated water into the Pacific from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactor, an important issue that Fiji and the Pacific Islands Forum want addressed accordingly.In response, Japan’s Prime Minister thanked his Fijian counterpart for the opportunity to meet and discuss opportunities for collaboration in areas of mutual interest. Japan also shares similar perspectives on eliminating nuclear weapons and the testing and development of new nuclear weapons. He also assured Fiji and the PIF that consultations will continue with the region’s scientific community on the issue of the potential discharge of nuclear contaminated water into the Pacific.


(Source: Fijian Government Facebook Page, 2 August 2022)

Fiji Community in Akita

While in Akita city, Akita Prefecture, Charge d’Affaires Kelera Savu spent some time today with the Fiji Community in Akita, led by Mr Naivaluwaqa Setareki. A wonderful time of fellowship and sharing about the mission of the Fiji Embassy, consular services, and key areas that would boost socio-economic growth in Fiji – including sports and education sector.

Akita Fiji Friendship Association GM

Charge d’Affaires Kelera Savu was one of the presenters at today’s Akita-Fiji Friendship Association General Meeting, which was followed by a business networking and reception in Akita.

(Sitting, l-r) Fiji`s Honorary Consul in Akita Mr. Hiroki MIURA and His Excellency Norihisa SATAKE, Governor of Akita Prefecture
(Standing, l-r) Mr Matsuji NAKAIZUMI; CDA Kelera Savu; His Worship Motomu HOZUMI, Mayor of Akita City; His Worship Koji SUGAWARA, Mayor of Oga City; Mr Yoshiyuki TSUJI, Chairman of the Akita Fiji Friendship Association

Fiji and JICA Reaffirm Commitment To Building Back Better

Strengthened partnership between Fiji and the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) will enhance opportunities focused on progressive rebuilding and recovery from the impacts of COVID-19 and climate induced challenges.

This commitment was articulated today at a courtesy call received by the Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister, Immigration and Sugar Industry and Acting Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Mr. Yogesh Karan from the new Resident Representative of JICA Fiji Office, Ms. Mayumi Amaike.

At an introductory meeting held at the Office of the Prime Minister, PS Karan congratulated Ms. Amaike and wished her well in her new role at the JICA Office in Fiji.

This coincided with a farewell courtesy call from the outgoing Resident Representative of JICA Fiji Office, Ms. Yukari Ono. PS Karan acknowledged Ms. Ono’s leadership during her tenure in Fiji and also conveyed the Fijian Government’s best wishes to Ms. Ono in her future endeavors.

PS Karan thanked JICA for its ongoing assistance to Fiji through infrastructure projects, funding for Disaster Recovery and Rehabilitation, technical assistance in Disaster Risk Reduction and programs contributing to Fiji’s socioeconomic development.

Recognising JICA’s Volunteer programme, PS Karan commended the work of JICA volunteers in their efforts to reach communities in Fiji.

In terms of the cooperation for COVID-19 response, PS Karan said Fiji is currently working with its international development partners in the procurement of COVID-19 vaccine, whilst focusing on strategies for economic recovery and building back better.

In response, Ms. Amaike said, “While the three priority areas of “Strengthening the Basics for Economic Growth” (especially Infrastructure and Fishery), “Climate Change and Environment”, “Provision of Quality Social Service” (Health and Education) remain important, we will also work with our partners in Fiji in the COVID-19 pandemic fight.

“There are about 2,400 ex-participants of our programs in Japan. Since I have been in charge of training programs in Japan for the past several years, I would like to seek opportunities to collaborate with them in our programs.

“This is the 37th year of JICAs bilateral cooperation with Fiji, in terms of economic and social development. We are proud of our achievements through our cooperation – for instance construction of critical infrastructure (Water Treatment Plant, Fishery Port, USP, CWM Paediatric hospital, Fiji School of Nursing, Fiji Meteorological Service) as well as countless capacity development through trainings and technical cooperation projects.

“We are grateful for the trust developed overtime with the Fijian Government and its people. Although we are in a difficult time with the pandemic, JICA looks forward to continuing working closely together with the Fijian People,” Ms. Amaike said.

Ms. Ono shared the same sentiments and said that it has been a great honour for her to serve as a first female resident representative of JICA Fiji office, in its 37 years operation. She said during her tenure in Fiji from December 2017 to January 2021, the Japanese Government and JICA’s attention to Fiji and Pacific Region have increased with several new cooperation.

“I’d like to express my hearty appreciation to the Fijian Government and people of Fiji for the kindness rendered to me and all the JICA related personnel. I hope that this cordial relationship will be strengthened and continue into the future.”

(Source: The Fijian Government, 26 February 2021)

Fiji Day Message by His Excellency Ambassador Isikeli U. Mataitoga (The Japan News)


Fiji Day Message by His Excellency Ambassador Isikeli U. Mataitoga (The Japan Times)


Commissioning of Fiji’s Honorary Consul in Osaka Prefecture, for the Kansai Region

The Embassy of the Republic of Fiji in Tokyo successfully commissioned Mr. Takanori OKADA as Fiji’s Honorary Consul for the Kansai Consular District, resident in Osaka City on Monday, 19 August 2019. Mr. Okada’s appointment will cover the Kansai Consular District, which consists of seven large prefectures in western Japan.

Fiji now has 5 Honorary Consuls in Japan, resident in five different Prefectures.


For contact information:

Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Fiji in Osaka
Precio Shin Osaka 501, 2-11-22 Miyahara, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka.
Post Code: 532-0003
Tel. 06-6396-3910
Mr. OKADA Takanori, Honorary Consul.

Ambassador Mataitoga hosted to a Welcome Reception [Kamaishi & Miyako City]

Whilst in Kamaishi, Ambassador Isikeli Mataitoga was also hosted to a welcome reception on Thursday, 6 June 2019 evening. Attendees included the Mayor of Kamaishi city, Mayor of Miyako city, Senior city officials of both cities, and friends of Fiji who all enjoyed the dinner. About 20 attended the two-hour reception.

The evening reception is hoped to inspire others to derive new openings of exchange ties, and in particular to what that can be exchanged between Kamaishi, Miyako, and Fiji. Mayor Noda of Kamaishi while officiating added that “I hope you have the chance to build deeper relationships with the Members of our Rugby World Cup community this evening, and further develop ties with Kamaishi, Miyako, and Iwate ahead of a successful Rugby World Cup”. The Mayor also stressed how the owner of Houraikan Inn experienced significant damage from the earthquake and tsunami but was able to be rebuilt through the great effort of its owner and staff.

The Ambassador, in his remarks, expressed profound gratitude for both the Mayors of Kamaishi and Miyako and Iwate Prefecture as well as all those involved in the building and strengthening the Fiji-Japan relationship in Iwate. Ambassador Mataitoga also underscored his visit to Abashiri, and Sapporo and how rugby a base has also seen Fiji’s genuine connections with other prefectures and cities in Japan. The growing bond between Fiji and the regional part of Japan in recent times, and now with Miyako as the second official campsite and Kamaishi as the official match venue for our team, seals the initial establishment of Fiji-Kamaishi, Miyako and Iwate exchanges. The need to further promote economic, commercial, and people-to-people relations between the two countries was also stressed.

Ambassador Mataitoga flanked by Kamaishi Mayor Noda (left) and Miyako Mayor Yamamoto (right)

Ambassador Mataitoga further thanked Kamaishi and Miyako Mayors respectively for their tremendous support and assistance in molding together a very successful visit itinerary. He also assured the Mayor of the Fiji Embassy Tokyo`s commitment and support towards a successful visit program and the official camp of our Flying Fijians in Iwate Prefecture.