Meeting with Abashiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI)

While in Abashiri, HE Mr. Isikeli Mataitoga also had the opportunity to convene a meeting with Mr. Joji Kitamura, Vice-Chairman of the Abashiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and his team, together with the Abashiri Tourism Association (ATA). Common sectors, including Agriculture, Fisheries, and Tourism, along with Training programs and Exchanges that can be undertaken for our youths and farmers, were discussed at length.

(middle, l-r) Ambassador Mataitoga with Vice-Chairman Kitamura, together with Abashiri Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) and Abashiri Tourism Association officials

Making it easier to do business in Abashiri, the ACCI is said to have one thousand (1,000) members, who are mostly SMEs related owners and are driven in providing quality information, professional services and support for businesses in Abashiri.

The Ambassador explained of the Fiji Tax and Customs Incentives for Investment and further reassured everyone that the Embassy would submit the incentives copies and provide more detailed information on how we can further cooperate on this. Now with the resumption of direct flights, the need to increase trade, tourism, and people-to-people exchanges were also discussed at large. Also, the brief on the business opportunities in Fiji, and those that can and should be taken into account when defining and implementing projects or investments whose funds are readily available through the GoJ initiatives, for instance, PALM8 – Iwaki Declaration and so forth were also noted.

Fiji’s interest in attracting tourists from Abashiri was noted, particularly given the resumption of Nadi-Narita direct flights from 3 July 2018, Fiji needs the regional connections to be made in such a way that will allow an increasing number of visitors from Japan. Ambassador Mataitoga further stressed the required Tourism PR of Fiji`s delicious food, culture, tourist spots, etc. He also advised of MANA Island Resort & Spa in Fiji, a Japanese owned resort, and emphasize how valuable, such investment and attractive Honeymoon or even Second Honeymoon packages that they create would be in assisting Fiji’s tourism sector move to new heights.

Vice-Chairman Kitamura shared the same sentiments, and further reiterated the need to obtain more Fiji information in Abashiri and even throughout Hokkaido, for such provides tremendous opportunity to market Fiji regarding tradable commodities and tourist destination. Strategies to the various private and public entities to visit Fiji, golf tours, fishing, and even creating packages for them were also discussed. He further expressed how beautiful Fiji is, and how much skill up training exchange cooperation for youths and farmers could be something that would benefit both countries.

In closing, Ambassador Mataitoga thanked Vice Chairman Vice-Chairman Kitamura and his team for receiving the FET delegation and the opportunity to be engaged in a frank discussion on keys areas and issues that are of importance to both parties.  He informed that the FET looks forward to the ACCI and ATA cooperation and assistance as discussed.