Fiji Seminar at Shukutoku Gakuen Junior & Senior High School

On Wednesday, 3 December 2014, TCO Iki Kawabata accompanied by Mrs. Vocea made Fiji Seminar at School day event of Shukutoku Gakuen Junior & Senior High School in Tokyo. Morning session was for Senior High School Students with1,129 in attendance and afternoon session was for Junior High School Students attended to by 552 students with the purpose of leaning about different country’s culture, tradition, history, way of living, people, food, relation with Japan, for their international study as well as deepen friendship with Fiji. Both the sessions started by 30 minutes Buddhism Mass followed by School Principals’ speech. After his speech Mrs. Vocea was introduced and made short greeting speech followed by TCO’s 60 minutes PP presentation on Fiji. The event started 09:30 and finished at 16:00.

Shukutoku Gakuen Senior High School has special class for students who go abroad to study English. U.S.A. England, Australia and New Zealand are present main countries and Mr. Mishima, School Principle interested in nominating Fiji as for studying country in future.


TCO Iki Kawabata and Mrs. Vocea at Shukutoku Gakuen School